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Amit K, 34 Entrepreneur, Gurgaon

April 19, 2019: 

I have just gone through a QHHT session. It was a wonderful experience. I feel so rejuvenated and great. Though I remember only a few glimpses of the session, but the way my body is feeling is extraordinary. Lipa is a great hypnotherapist. She has done a great job making me realize what I am. Thanks so much, Lipa.

Silver Light, 39 Homemaker, Gurgaon

April 13, 2019:

Thank you Lipa, for the beautiful session. I came here with a baggage full of guilt and shame but you helped me out. Now I’m a free spirit ready to love myself back and love others too. Secondly, it’s a delight to meet you, dear. You are a beautiful soul, came here to help lost people like us. Great work!!

I highly recommend this QHHT session once to everyone in his or her lifetime. It’s an experience worth all the wealth of this world. Thank you once again.

With love!


Lucifer, 35 Systems Engineer, Noida

April 7, 2019:

The session was very helpful for me, like a shade of a big tree in summer. With peace came clarity of thought.



Madhu, 44 IT tech support, Gurgaon

April 6, 2019:

About the session: It was a wonderful experience, which gave me insight about what I feel.
About Lipa: She is a wonderful personality who listens and tries to be on the same page with her clients and cooperates as much as she can. Thank you so much.


Soumya, 39 Entrepreneur, Chennai

April 5, 2019:

It was an eye opener for me. All that I seek is within. I walked in with so many confusions and am walking out with so much clarity.

Lipa has got an ocean of patience and she is such a dedicated person in whatever she is doing. Thank you, Lipa. With lots of gratitude.

Prince, 37 Corp Executive, Delhi

April 1, 2019

I strongly recommend this session. It’s a great way to experience who you are and what this universe wants to manifest through you. I feel deeply relaxed and peace after the session, but I think what is more important is to get clarity about yourself and your future. This session can be helpful in so many ways that can’t be expressed in words. Thanks to Lipa, she is a blessed soul who is helping others to find the purpose of their life.

Vishal, 45 Corp Leader, Delhi

March 30, 2019:

Hi Lipa! Thanks for the wonderful session. Eye-opener. Continue the good and noble work.

Prakash S, 60 Entrepreneur, Bhubaneswar, Odisha

March 19. 2019:

Had a session with Madam Lipa and it was a great new experience that one has to go through in his/her life.

Aparna M, 50 Writer, Bhubaneswar

March 16 , 2019:

Just had a tête-à-tête with my higher self. Myriads of emotions blocking my intellect… searching for the right word… huh… mind-blowing, exhilarating, incredible, all the power packed words seem to express my feelings that I went through right now. Do come n align with your higher self to find greater purpose of your life. Thank you so much Lipa, for what you have been doing.

Madhabi, 71 Poet and writer, Bhubaneswar

March 15, 2019:

I felt the session was very meaningful for me. Lipa carried me off to a different direction- to my past life, to my higher self. I received help for my higher-self which was healing for me. I must realize the experience myself deeply to feel more out of this session. I am thankful to Lipa for this rightly help.


Sukanya, 31 Teacher, Mumbai

March 13, 2019:

The session was a good healing experience. I explored worlds I never imagined I have lived. I still can’t believe the things I saw. The mind is an spectacular organ. I hope that all how come here find their answers and get the help they need. You will certainly take away something useful that you needed at that time. Thank you Ms. Lipa for your time and guidance.

Aroma 28 Financial Services, New Delhi

March 12, 2019: 

In the past few months there has been so much that has intrigued me, and Qhht has been one of those things. At some point in my life I understood that I needed to heal and I was almost guided to come for Lipa’s session. There is so much that I know about myself and my trauma and how to release it. I’m grateful for getting the opportunity to undergo Qhht and get answers to some of my questions.

Tohida, 29 Tech Support, Gurgaon

March 9, 2019:

Lipa Ma’am, you have been always good to me in the past. I came again for some purpose and that is fulfilled now. Beautiful experience I had today during the session. Thank you. Keep inspiring people. Love

Sahej, 35 Software Developer, New Delhi

March 5, 2019:

It was a very empowering and healing session. This session not only answered the life bogging questions I had but also guided me what to work on, which way to go ahead.

Sunny, 35 Banker, Melbourne, Australia

February 28, 2019

Never had thought doing such session will make a big difference. I can only talk about what I felt after the session- my conscience was clear. That’s all I needed. Thank you Lipa, for listening and really caring.

Meera, 39 Soft skill Trainer, Gurgaon

February 16, 2019

Lipa Rath! Words aren’t enough to express the time spent experiencing her qhht session. The healing I already feel, a lifetime spent searching what took only a day. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Love and light.

Ranjan, 59 IT Professional, Bhubaneswar

February 12, 2019

Great experience. Diving into the subconscious was breathtaking.

About Lipa Rath

Hi! I am a Certified Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  Also a part of the worldwide QHHT practitioners' forum that supports one another's session stories and healings. You can find me in the worldwide practitioners listing QHHT OFFICIAL. There only a handful of 4 to 5 practitioners in India using this very refined technique of hypnosis.

After years of experiment with different methods of hypnosis, I found Dolores Cannon's to be the most effective. With practice I find the strength in her method as she taught- keeping it simple, effective and very powerful.

Today I feel this great power working during my sessions too. I get the opportunity to contact my client's "Higher Self" or the "Sub-Conscious" and ask for healing and information on their behalf. It's amazing how it works.

I am a metaphysical/spiritual counselor too. I also help couples resolve their marriages or to move out in separate ways. Help them understand their karmic connections.

''Living Courageously'' by Lipa Rath

“Lipa covers every aspect of life with rare candour.”

- IANS Report, Dec 2012

“The book that touched the hearts of everyone was the spiritual therapist Li[a Rath’s maiden book Living Courageously. The host Dr. Shivani Chaturverdi called it, the most touching moment at the festival.”

- Reported by IANS at the Taj, Literature festival, Feb 2013

“A wonderful book straight from the heart from a person who has lived courageously! The principles enunciated in this book will help you find greater joy and happiness and help deal with inevitable obstacles that everyone faces.”

- Dr. Dayal Mirchandani,

Renowned Behavioural Therapist, Mumbai

About Dolores Cannon

The legendary Dolores Cannon's (1931-2014) career as a hypnotherapist specializing past life regression spanned almost 50 years. She was also an investigator of lost knowledge and a teacher. She has written 17 books.   

 Over the years she developed and refined her unique method of hypnosis, which is called "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" or QHHT. Through this hypnotic technique she could take her clients into a very deep hypnotic trance (called Somnambulistic state), and could then access their Higher Self or the God within, which she calls SC or the "Sub-Conscious". It's not the subconscious mind, which is usually referred by the psychologists.

She also found that the SC could bring healing to the body and mind of her clients. She followed the SC guidance and started teaching her method to students all over the world. SC told her that it was ready to help whoever followed Dolores' technique and needed ANY healing and guidance.  

Hence there is a growing community/ forum of QHHT worldwide practitioners that supports one another: their clients' sessions, SC and the healing or information that comes through during the sessions. Including the help Dolores is providing her students while being in the other world- demonstrating the limitless spirit and love for humanity.

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