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I had my first experience of Qhht. I can say that it is wonderful to connect with your higher self. It is to remember again that you are a small piece of the “all” and this is all is waiting for you to notice. You are never alone the totality is always with you. This Qhht can make you remember what you forgot. Pranam.

Ishavel, 52, Herbalist, Asturias, Spain
January 10th 2019

Thank you, Lipa. I was very confused and anxious about like. I got direction and reason for all that is happening in my life. It was a magical experience for me. The story that I saw of my previous life was like a movie running with all colours and sounds. I hope this will bring peace in my life. As per the story the pain in my head was due to the guilt accumulated by treating my wife badly in that life. The pain in my leg was because I used to beat & kick my wife in that life. My subconscious/ SC or higher power healed me during the session helped me to get the forgiveness from that wife from the previous life and healed me during the session. I felt jerks in my body. It was magical and I’m grateful.

Prabha, 45, Financial Services, Gurgaon
December 27th, 2018

This whole experience changed me. I am feeling a new me now. In the small span of time I felt I had journey of two life times. It refreshed me and I don’t want to come out of this feeling for a long time. It feels as if I have taken out all the negativity from my body. Just believe in your higher self. All the answers to your questions lie within you.

Tanya Sharma, 28, IT Services, Gurgaon
December 16th, 2018

I had a very wonderful experience with Lipa Rath. She listened to me & my problems, and gave 5 hours to help me through healing with QHHT.

Nita, 52, VP at Multinational Pharmaceutical, Gurgaon
December 15th, 2018

Very satisfying experience. Lipa is a very professional and a compassionate human being. My session was bizarre and very unexpected. While I wanted to experience realms, I ended up with what my higher self wanted me to experience. Thank you, Lipa.

Khusboo, 47, Entrepreneur, Gurgaon
December 13th, 2018

I was looking for QHHT session while I was in Australia. I waited for 4-6 months, did a lot of research and got connected to Lipa ma'am. It has been a life changing experience for me.

Anubhav, 21, Student from Sydney, Australia.
December 10th, 2018

You have to experience to feel the power of the session. In one word it's completely "empowering".

Nirvan, 26, Entrepreneur, Gurgaon
December 9th, 2018

An amazing session. I have never been so vibrationally high even during my daily meditation practice. It was an amazing experience seeing one love story unfolding in front of my life. It was funny & I truly believe it's true and it happened. I'm so grateful to have met you. Will come back again.

Reese, 28, Insurance Consultant, New Delhi
December 7th 2018

It was the "me" time I was looking for the past few months, and I am feeling relaxed after the session. I have got some answers. Lipa is wonderful, the way she tries to understands you before the session and makes you comfortable. Thanks for letting me explore myself.

Gautam, 35, Software Engr, Gurgaon
Dec 5th 2018

Thank you Lipa, for showing me why I was carrying around so much pain. I hope I can learn to let go of it so I can live a much more fulfilling life.Thank you for all your kind words.

Marlena, 24, Fashion model and actor, Gurgaon
December 4th 2018

It was an amazing experience. It was nothing like I expected. Lipa is very professional and has helped me tremendously. I feel I can move forward with meaning and purpose. Thank you so much!

Mark R, Realtor, Kona, Hawaii
November 11th, 2018

Loved working with Lipa. She truly cares. She took time in understanding my past/present and purpose for seeking out her assistance. It felt like she was completely vested in my well being and that I got answers to help me move forward.

Abha, 55, Leadership Coach, Redwood City, CA
Nov 2nd, 2018

I had an amazing session of QHHT. Discovered things about myself I never knew existed. My higher self taught me the true meaning of love. Love is the answer. With love you can touch every soul a little bit. Thank you for giving me the experience of a lifetime. (Lalita lost her younger brother to leukemia a month back. Wanted him to come back as her child. She was asked not to insist on that, rather pray for understanding.)

Lalita, 27, Hospitality Business, Shimla
Oct 22nd, 2018

Kal ka session lamba tha, per kafi kuch sikhne wala tha. Aaj ka session anand dayi tha. Main adhyatmik anand prachurta se paaya.

Suman, 48, Works at Ministry of Health, Delhi
Oct 20th, 2018

It’s a wonderful experience to know and connect with your Self. Lipa is an amazing guide to show you your life path. I’m very thankful.

Imanol, 39, Senior Corp Exec, 39, Delhi
Oct 16th, 2018

I went through a QHHT session with Lipa. When I initially got to know about her on Internet, I was little skeptical about what it would entail. But she explained the concept so beautifully and I am glad I went through this wonderful experiences. Journeys across past- lives, answers to so many queries or concern of life, travelling through a realm of unexplored places is an experience one must go through if one wants to understand what lies in your subconscious (SC) mind and the great power in it. My SC healed me a lot today, & a lot left for me to work on. I’m all set with the challenge & thankful to Lipa for being such wonderful person and doing this service to humanity.

Priyanka, 33, HR Exec, Gurgaon.
Oct 14th, 2018

A journey with your mind to the unknown- with Lipa as guide was truly an extraordinary experience. The “unknown” can be beautiful, serene and comforting too. Not some place one needs to fear! The revelations of the journey help to understand the present. Thank you Lipa, for being my trusted guide during this journey.

Natasha, 53, Housewife and adventure seeker, Mumbai
Oct 11th 2018

Today I went through my second experience of soul healing. It was much more intense. I got to know the source of my sorrow inside my heart and was able to heal it also. Thank you Lipa, for your efforts. You are doing a great job by pulling out people/souls from their past baggage and guilt.

Ritu Gupta, 38, Montessori Teacher and a Mom, Gurgaon
Oct 7th, 2018

Thank you, Lipa! I can’t begin to say how much you have helped. Not just by hypnotherapy, even talking to you helped me a lot. You made me feel I’m a good person and I have all the right to live. Apart from hypnosis, you help me sort out many issues on your own. Also I appreciate that you a very open minded person and not at all opinionated. I will be in touch with you always and wish you a happy life!

Gaury, 38, Scientist, based out of S. Korea
October 5th 2018

This being amazing session with Lipa, has really helped me to understand what I was holding back since long. It has helped me to understand the little kid inside me that I need to take care of. I wish Lipa all the very best for her future and hope she will keep helping people more with her higher wisdom.

Mannu, 31, Planner in Ad world, Gurgaon
Sept 26th, 2018

The session with Lipa was full of compassion and empathy. What I saw and experienced during hypnosis cannot be described in words- knowing that past life has always enticed me but if its done with a person who hears you out compassionately, the healing is faster. After experiencing this, I can clearly say that all solutions are with us. We just need someone to help us open the door to seek that knowledge

Neha, 33, from a multi media company, Gurgaon
Sept 23rd, 2018

I could trust Lipa from pre-session. It was great to be in touch with God. God actually cares about us and arranges the initiations. We need to serve God and God will serve us- that is what I felt. It was great to be in contact with God; otherwise I was lost and looking for the material fulfillment. What I thought would fulfill life was not real and I found the real purpose in life. So thank you for the opportunity. I found Lipa very easy to get along because she was very open and I could see she could accept anything. It was easy to open myself to Lipa.

Yuzuru Maeda, 39, from Japan
Sept 16th 2018

I’d been planning to visit Lipa since the last one year and I’m extremely grateful that I have made it finally. I had an extensive session of counseling with her. It felt great opening up to her about my whole life. Her counseling performed the job of partial healing and the rest of it was taken care of by the QHHT session. I had an extremely intense session indeed. It was truly incredible. The information I received was extremely precious and I’m surely going to have several more sessions in the future with her. Regards,

Tuli Chaterjee, 32, Analyst, Mumbai
September 13th 2018

The flow of emotions and energy was amazing. I was sad, I was happy, but the best part is I understand my life in a much better way. I thank Lipa ji and Dolores for helping me out.

Karan, 24, Analyst, Gurgaon
September 8th 2018

So after two weeks, finally this day has arrived. Feeling blessed that I met Lipa and took appointment from her busy schedule. After the session I can feel positive energy flowing in my body and I can visualize what I need to do in my future life and will not do the same mistakes I did in my past life. I need to gather more information so looking forward to having another session to explore more. Thank you so much, Lipa.

Vicky, 37, Garment Exporter, Gurgaon
September 1st 2018

The experience was out of this world. There are answers to questions each one has. For me, I believe it was a revelation. Ma’am has been such a great host during the session that it felt very comforting to undergo this session with her. This journey is a must for all to explore one’s inner self, which eventually is the best for all. I wish Lipa Ma’am all the very best and congratulate her on this initiative of bringing world-class experience.

Jonathan, 34, Software Engr, Gurgaon
August 24th, 2018

I’m a skeptic and I do not usually believe in these things. However, for some reasons I decided to give it a try. After going through Lipa’s work I contacted her to ask about QHHT. The first conversation with her put me at ease & I decided to go through the process. On the day of the session, Lipa was very relaxed and channeled this state in me. She made me feel very comfortable & helped me really focus on the questions I wanted answers to. The whole process is one which you need to experience. Everyone’s experience is unique and at the end of mine, I felt at peace. That is what I was looking for.

Sameer, 28, Financial Analyst, Gurgaon
August 23rd, 2018

It’s been a very humbling experience. The session has re-instilled my beliefs and faith in the universal truth of Reincarnation- for a purpose to be served. Lipa, you have been very warm and helpful in this journey. Your warmth and friendly demeanour put me at ease from the very first time I spoke to you over the phone. Since then my faith was instilled. I wouldn’t have been able to go through without you taking me there!! Thank you for affirming my beliefs.

Ruchi, 40, HR professional, Mumbai
August 21st, 2018

The session with Lipa was revealing; journeys undertaken, lessons learnt, present & past merging into a symbiotic soup dish- which I will like to taste again.

Akshaya, 46, IT professional, Gurgaon,
August 14th, 2018

A deep, insightful session, least of what I was expecting for sure- my consciousness was ready to open up to my past lives to reveal who I truly am. Through this glorified journey of the soul, I could travel to the skies and plunge to the inner recess of the Earth. The mantle of the Earth has many secrets to tell. Wishing you much love and success, Lipa Rath

Joanna, 57, businesswoman, Gurgaon
August 8th 2018

Today was a special day… met Lipa… maybe I can say today that I met one of my guiding angels… First of a kind of experience and it was truly mesmerising… From this I take to be a better person. Thank you dear Lipa, for an enriching day… Love.

Parvati, 38, Mom and caregiver to parents, Gurgaon
August 6th 2018

My session with Lipa Ma’am was a very liberating experience. I carried a lot of guilt and insecurity in me- it was creating a lot of issues. After the session I felt very light and peaceful. Though I had my doubts at the start, I decided to trust the process and have faith in the Supreme Power and Lipa Ma’am. It helped me tremendously. I go back with answers and lot of healing.

Suresh B. 36, Investment Banker, Gurgaon
July 30th 2018

I came here for answers- I found answers I did not expect that gave me a fresh perspective on everything. I was healed for the chronic pain (in her urethra) I experienced for 10 years. I received the energetic lift I needed to go forward with a clean slate. Lipa is a wonderful guide who enabled me to receive this healing and guidance. You must experience both Lipa and the QHHT process to know what I’m talking about.

P. S. 27, Ad Planner, Kolkatta
July 26th 2018

Thank God I discovered Lipa. Thank God she’s doing what she does. If nothing else has worked, come to her to find answers. Her ability to focus, find interest and assisting in taking a journey into the past to resolve the present was inspiring. More than anything, you will find pieces to get your life to a better place.

Prita, 26, Marketing Exec, Mumbai
July 24th 2018

I approached Lipa because I was deeply unsettled by my life; it’s struggles and heartaches. She heard me out with deep compassion and empathy and started her session. What emerged from the session shook us, as the problems that I had approached her with were irrelevant side-drama to a life that was born to owning to amazing powerful knowledge. A deep perspective on the Divinity of a human being, how eternal we are as souls and as an irreplaceable reverent part of this creation, came through. We are all special souls, critical for God’s creation, and we should love and respect ourselves as that little episodes of a current life are just that- little episodes- that will fly away like dandelions in the wind. Thank you, Lipa. I’m grateful.

Pallavi Datta, 46, Writer, Mumbai
July 23rd 2018

I had a unique experience with Ms. Lipa's QHHT session. Saw my past life and answers to my present life's problems. It can help anyone who has problems or needs to grow in life.

JK Mohanty, 63, Hotelier, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
July 22nd 2018

It was just a great experience. Many doubts have gone and feeling so- so relieved. Now I have realized this birth of mine has the reflection of my past lives and learned how I can rectify my life style. This is going to help me progress in life. wish to come back again for another session with her.

Bipasa Mohanty, 52, Travel & Hospitality, Bhubaneswar, Odisha
July 20th 2018

My session today was truly cathartic. I felt hope for the future and certain confidence that I’m on the right track. I understood it will take me time but somehow I feel it is a journey well begun. I look forward and am confident of healing and health in the future. I felt my mother’s presence and felt her healing me. She has departed this world in 2013 and for the first time today I felt her presence so strongly.

Mrinalini, 49, Chief Executive in a BPO
July 19th 2018

It was a very unique experience for me. It helped me to see life from a very different perspective and will guide me in my future. For sure Lipa has been a tremendous guide in this journey of mine and helped me find some answers that I have been looking for quite some time. Through today’s it also helped me to get healed not only mentally but also physically. My migraine was healed. Thanks

GT, 37, Corporate HR, Gurgaon
July 13th 2018

I’m feeling blessed to have a very nice session with Lipa Ma’am. She is a very nice and down to earth lady. She made me feel very comfortable during the conversation and I opened up completely and shared everything with her as if I’m sharing with my best friend or God who will not judge me, and only understand me. She is a master in her work. She knows how to handle emotions, difficulties which I faced during the session and then the session went wonderful. I have a lot of clarity about what to do/ what not to do. Apart from the therapy she has given me many life tips and therapy info. It was very nice to meet her. Hope we will be in touch through our soul, Ma’am.

Anukiti, 25, Techie and a Yoga Teacher
July 12th 2018

From the moment I met Lipa I felt at ease. She explained the whole process of QHHT at length. I told her everything that’s been bothering me for the past few years. Never once did I get the impression that she was in a hurry or wanted to get the session over and done with. Going into the trance is something unexplainable- you’ll have to experience it to believe it. But I came out of it feeling lighter, calmer and surer about my life and the direction it’s going in. Thank you, Lipa!

Tracey, 35, Travel Writer, Gurgaon
July 11th 2018

Thanks so much for the WONDERFUL session, to so beautifully hold the space for my experience. It was so good. I could easily connect and had an incredible experience of feeling the oneness of our source energy and so much more. Hard to put it all into words actually.

Shoheli, 50, Energy Healer, New Delhi
June 23rd 2018

Just had an amazing session with Lipa Ma’am and I am feeling so much lighter already. It’s almost as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m glad that I met Lipa Ma’am and trusted the whole process enough to experience this. Hope more people trust and receive the healing she can help you access.

Arfa, 24, pursuing CA, Gurgaon
June 14th 2018

I had a wonderful session with Lipa. I always had worries about my claustrophobia, which seemed to be almost incurable after a lot of medications. But today I was able to find a solution… I was able to find the reason behind it. It had been due to my past life experience which was shocking and unbelievable. Lipa pulled me out of that fear in a way that will not affect my present life… and I’m so much relieved now. Thank you so much, Lipa.

Leena R, 51, Housewife, Gurgaon
June 9th 2018

A wonderful session. Visiting other side of life was a unique experience. It seems all my pains, sufferings, worries and fears relating to this body and this life have disappeared.

B. Saha, 54, Govt. Official, Kolkata
June 8th 2018

The session was wonderful. It was like going into the past to see various lifetimes and instantly feel lighter and healed. It was totally worth it and I would love to come back again.

Abi, 19, pursuing graduation Hydera
June 5th 2018

Coming to the session I had some vague ideas of what the procedure is. Having read through the Word document (How to prepare for a qhht session) helped me prepare for it. I started writing my dreams and preparing questions to be asked before the session. Lipa was very kind, thoughtful and understanding of me as a person. I never felt that she was rushing into things. I felt relaxed and at ease talking to her and sharing my point of view. Using that as a hook she wonderfully guided me through various incidents that I saw and felt and recalled during the session. It is definitely something worth experiencing to know and understand yourself better. A lifelong journey that is given, a good start through the session. "

Adamya Grover, 26, PhD research sch
June 4th 2018

"It hass been amazing experience overall, firstly sharing my thoughts and then going into trance, and having a recollection with Lipa after the session. She is such an amazing listener, I was healed to a great deal even before the session & I was able to get into trance very quickly because I was relaxed. I have been going through a difficult phase with myself and my family and my health. But after the session I felt very relieved and healed & looking forward to even greater things. Thanks to the right guidance and good support from Lipa. Keep up this amazing work! Her sessions are gold and anyone going through self-discovery and inner struggles should approach her. She can definitely turn things around. All the best and thanks again! "

Neeraj Rawal, 33, Financial Analyst
May 24th 2018

"It was a wonderful experience. One of its kind, unbelievable and awesome. "

Amitav, 37, Fashion E-Commerce, Del
April 29th 2018

"It was a beautiful experience when one walks into a session, one has no idea how empowered, aware and peaceful one is going to feel at the end.Both my sessions have led to tremendous insights into my soul journey and the current body’s journey. The questions were answered and important lessons were learnt. I wish I could go through the experience way more often, but each experience is so deep, it takes a while to fully process and absorb what one has learnt, heard and understood.More power to you and your work, Lipa. "

Enigma (name changed), 40, a mom wh
April 28th 2018

"My 7-hour experience with Lipa was wonderful. She was caring, loving and interested in my life and experiences. She put me completely at ease and we formed a bond of trust. I felt 100% comfortable with her guidance and competence. Thank you for an amazing journey! Love, Gill." "

Gillian M, 60, Yoga teacher/Mountai
April 19th 2018

"I met Lipa when I was in the lowest life state of mine. Very negative, confused, anxious , and in a deep sadness. I Was searching for the reason of , facing continuous failed relationships on a same pattern . A feeling of never being loved and valued . A fear of dying alone a miserable death. I was totally clueless as what is the purpose of my life. Questioning myself about the reason of very complicated relationship with my mother since my childhood. I had been praying to God to show me the way. And the thought of going into past life, came into my mind. I felt this is the way to explore the reason of all my sufferings . I followed my intuition and began the search of a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist , who could help me knowing my past as well as the purpose of my life ( Which was actually the main concern). I was looking for a hypnotherapist with whom I can be comfortable. After searching for whole one month and talking to few hypnotherapists I found about Lipa. I went through her details like qualification, her specialization , people's feedback and testimonials about her. After checking all details I approached her on phone . And the first quality I found in her, that ,she is a great listener. This quality I was actually looking for , since I had so many things which were burdening me and I wanted to pour my heart out . I felt a sense of empathy in her, Which made me , book my appointment for the PLR session . I was afraid before the session . I was afraid of what I might discover. Before the session, Lipa listened to my life history in details , important incidents of my life, what I feel about them .She then prepared a list of my questions I would like answered. She made me feel that I am completely in safe hands. She had been very patient and gentle throughout the session . I was relaxed in her presence . She knew just what to say through my past life journey which could help me exploring the answers I was seeking. After the session I was feeling heavy mind .Not able to believe on what I saw. Most of the parts of my past lives were un- pleasant and scary . I was confused if I should believe on what I saw , or it was the story created by my own mind. She recorded the whole session and shared the recording with me. She asked me to listen the recording for next 2-3 weeks, especially the part , where she was talking to my higher self. After the PLR session with Lipa I listened the recording several times . As expected , I have been able to know my true self. I got to know , I am a fighter and actually strong . Lipa helped me to come out of the guilt which I had been holding since long )through her warm healing and counseling. I finally got to know the cause of tough relationship with my mother . And above all , a purpose of my life. Which is connected to my mother . The feeling of never being loved and valued is now vanished . I feel like Im born again . I am now growing spiritually. Exploring my inner self more and more each day. I have felt the eternal love , love of the God and his presence around me. I have gone through few miraculous experiences after that. Which are un explainable but I would like to share with her face to face. Thanks lipa ! for helping me in restoring my faith in God. Because of you Im again connected to my best friend, Lord Shiva.

April 18th 2018

"Wonderful feeling to know myself, and what I look forward to and should be doing in my life. I’m taking this session as a guiding light for me.Letting go of my past and looking forward to a bright future. Thanks Lipa for being the guiding light."

Kushi G, 40, Artist, Gurgaon
April 12th 2018

"How to describe the wonderful experiences… It started way back while I spoke to Ms. Lipa Rath on phone few days ago, and she took me to the horizon by way of explanation and sharing importance of QHHT; what it can give to life of a person, and what one can discover what is hidden within inside. It was very impressive and today I joined the session of talking to my higher self, through the wonderful technique. Only conclusive remark is that at the end of the session I am happy and felt there is direction and clouds are cleared."

Aroop Trivedi, 50, Scientist, Goa.
April 7th 2018

"I had a QHHT session with Ms. Lipa Rath in Sushant Lok-I (Gurgaon). The experience in all three segments was so engaging and so relaxing that it felt like a long, blissfully relaxing journey without time-space barrier. The journey helped me in completely knowing myself at a deeper plane and resolved all the dilemmas of my present state with a journey in showing the extent of manifestations of dreams in a future time. She is amazing. God bless her."

Ranjan Ghosh, 66, MD & CEO, H2m
March 28th 2018

"Dearest Lipa, a huge thanks to you for helping me understand myself and my life situations better. It was for you that I came again and found the answers that I was looking for. I feel so relaxed and peaceful. I feel that I have understood the direction that the Universe has chosen for me. Thanks again. Love.."

Neha S, 35, Gurgaon March
17th 2018

"I recently did a hypnotherapy and past life session with Lipa Rath. For the last few years, I was having an urge to explore the depth of my sub conscious mind and know myself better. I felt that I had some mental blocks and knots, which were preventing me from realising my full potential. I also had an angioplasty four years back, and I was keen to understand the reasons. I went to meet Lipa with some trepidation. Even though I had read a lot of literature on hypnotherapy and past life regression, it was my first PLR session. So, I was nervous and didn't know what to expect. However, Lipa put all my doubts to rest. She is an excellent practitioner of quantum healing. She was very patient and took keen interest in understanding my professional and family background. The PLR session revealed a lot of perspectives and I saw myself in three past lives. These memories provided clarity on functioning of my sub conscious mind. I better understood the forces, which drive and govern my thoughts and decisions in the present life. Later, Lipa went into a conversation with my higher self. This was very meaningful session. I realised that the purpose of this life is to strive for spiritual progress and ultimately liberation from circle of birth and death. If I were to focus on that higher goal, the day to day professional and family issues are trivial. I understood that I have an infinite source of energy and power within me and I should realise this for betterment of myself and society. All through, Lipa was engaging with my higher self and probing it to provide answers to my problems in present life. When I came out of trance, I felt that it was a brief session. However, I was surprised to find that the session lasted two hours - time just flew. Lipa sent me a recording of the session and I heard it multiple times. I was surprised to hear myself talk the way I did. It continued to provide me healing in the subsequent days. Overall, it was an excellent session. It made me a better human being. I would strongly recommend a quantum healing session with Lipa."

Dr. Himanshu S (51) : Scientist and
December 2017

"Thanks, Lipa! This has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. I can not but thank you. Best wishes for your good work! Love."

Promira, New Delhi
Sept 2017

"It was an amazing hypnotic session where I go to see my three important life times and had my higher self speak out with complete authority and conviction. A highly recommended therapy for all people who want to access their higher self and their intuitive knowledge."

Dr. Urvashi Gogia, Noida
Sept 2017

Quantum healing is a new age healing therapy of body mind and soul. I had few questions about my current health and financial situation. During the session my perspective on different problems in my life changed. I found things are not as bad as I thought. I became convinced and confident again about life. During the session my higher self healed my intestines. Overall experience was amazing and beautiful.

Maya Sood, New Delhi
July 2017

I had my QHHT session with Lipa Ma'am on 12-07-2017. When I had a phone call with ma'am, right from that moment you can sense her calm and serene energy. A bit of knowledge about the workings of our subconscious mind was a good way to understand how this session works and most importantly believe in the divine energy guiding us. The first step is Interview, where in the most important questions were streamlined. Ma'am was really helpful and really did understand what my true questions were, most of them were clouded by the perceptions of the conscious mind. The hypnosis session was beautiful, I got to travel to two of my lifetimes and important things like why I have serious issues with my father, or why I am scared of loud noises was recognized. During the session one has a tendency to be too involved with the past experience, but ma'am, kept reminding that this is the past and one should not suffer for it in this present life. Most importantly I had this intense guilt which i carried for killing an attacker in a past life. Which i could feel has healed. And when the subconscious takes over, that’s the real beauty of this process. You never knew you had all the answers and you never feel so loved or cared for. You can physically feel the energy shifting. Its magical and enriching. If you are broken you don’t have to stay that way. You can always heal and let go. Also, the audio recording of the session provides the necessary insights.

Gauri Arora, Gurgaon
July 2017

My name is Pankaj, I am from Agra ( The Taj Mahal City). My 8 years old daughter was suffering from Type 1 Diabetes since July 2016. We were completely broken with our hearts when the doctor told us that we would have to trigger iInsulin3 to 4 times daily throughout the life. I got Lipa Rath's contact & called her and got a very very sweet voice from her by saying that " have faith your baby will be healed soon". And yes ...she did a great session at her home, not only she very well prepared me for the session but also she was very calm & patient during the session. It was a great session. My soul healed my baby.... it was really amazing!!! I am very honest to say that Ms. Lipa Rath is one of the most honest, sincere, dedicated & kind lady I have ever meet in my whole life. Thanks a lot with my heart & soul to Lipa Rath ji & QHHT.

Pankaj Bhatnagar, Fatehpur Sikri, U
June 2017

What a lovely experience I had with Lipa on a divine journey, trance. Something I could never have imagined the higher self being connected to us so strongly and speaking to us and guiding us. An unbelievable experience. Thank you very much and heartfelt gratitude.

WT, Dehradun
May 2017

Quantum healing was a wonderful experience for me. After this I felt so relaxed and happy. It was an awesome experience. Thanks Lipa, for helping me.

Dr. Pinki, Gurgaon
April 2017

I am extremely pleased with my experience of a past life regression with Lipa Rath. What I liked most was her ability to create a space for an open-ended experience- no pressure or expectation. I felt an instant connection and trust. She is extremely qualified, confident and compassionate. Thank you, Lipa- definitely recommend her to all looking to understand their life path and deeper questions in their life.

G. Nitya, Mountain View, California