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"We are living in the most important time in the history of the universe."- Dolores Cannon


I could trust Lipa from pre-session. It was great to be in touch with God. God actually cares about us and arranges the initiations. We need to serve God and God will serve us- that is what I felt. It was great to be in contact with God; otherwise I was lost and looking for the material fulfillment. What I thought would fulfill life was not real and I found the real purpose in life. So thank you for the opportunity. I found Lipa very easy to get along because she was very open and I could see she could accept anything. It was easy to open myself to Lipa.

Yuzuru Maeda, 39, from Japan
Sept 16th 2018

I’d been planning to visit Lipa since the last one year and I’m extremely grateful that I have made it finally. I had an extensive session of counseling with her. It felt great opening up to her about my whole life. Her counseling performed the job of partial healing and the rest of it was taken care of by the QHHT session. I had an extremely intense session indeed. It was truly incredible. The information I received was extremely precious and I’m surely going to have several more sessions in the future with her. Regards,

Tuli Chaterjee, 32, Analyst, Mumbai
September 13th 2018

The flow of emotions and energy was amazing. I was sad, I was happy, but the best part is I understand my life in a much better way. I thank Lipa ji and Dolores for helping me out.

Karan, 24, Analyst, Gurgaon
September 8th 2018

So after two weeks, finally this day has arrived. Feeling blessed that I met Lipa and took appointment from her busy schedule. After the session I can feel positive energy flowing in my body and I can visualize what I need to do in my future life and will not do the same mistakes I did in my past life. I need to gather more information so looking forward to having another session to explore more. Thank you so much, Lipa.

Vicky, 37, Garment Exporter, Gurgaon
September 1st 2018

The experience was out of this world. There are answers to questions each one has. For me, I believe it was a revelation. Ma’am has been such a great host during the session that it felt very comforting to undergo this session with her. This journey is a must for all to explore one’s inner self, which eventually is the best for all. I wish Lipa Ma’am all the very best and congratulate her on this initiative of bringing world-class experience.

Jonathan, 34, Software Engr, Gurgaon
August 24th, 2018

I’m a skeptic and I do not usually believe in these things. However, for some reasons I decided to give it a try. After going through Lipa’s work I contacted her to ask about QHHT. The first conversation with her put me at ease & I decided to go through the process. On the day of the session, Lipa was very relaxed and channeled this state in me. She made me feel very comfortable & helped me really focus on the questions I wanted answers to. The whole process is one which you need to experience. Everyone’s experience is unique and at the end of mine, I felt at peace. That is what I was looking for.

Sameer, 28, Financial Analyst, Gurgaon
August 23rd, 2018

It’s been a very humbling experience. The session has re-instilled my beliefs and faith in the universal truth of Reincarnation- for a purpose to be served. Lipa, you have been very warm and helpful in this journey. Your warmth and friendly demeanour put me at ease from the very first time I spoke to you over the phone. Since then my faith was instilled. I wouldn’t have been able to go through without you taking me there!! Thank you for affirming my beliefs.

Ruchi, 40, HR professional, Mumbai
August 21st, 2018

The session with Lipa was revealing; journeys undertaken, lessons learnt, present & past merging into a symbiotic soup dish- which I will like to taste again.

Akshaya, 46, IT professional, Gurgaon,
August 14th, 2018

A deep, insightful session, least of what I was expecting for sure- my consciousness was ready to open up to my past lives to reveal who I truly am. Through this glorified journey of the soul, I could travel to the skies and plunge to the inner recess of the Earth. The mantle of the Earth has many secrets to tell. Wishing you much love and success, Lipa Rath

Joanna, 57, businesswoman, Gurgaon
August 8th 2018

Today was a special day… met Lipa… maybe I can say today that I met one of my guiding angels… First of a kind of experience and it was truly mesmerising… From this I take to be a better person. Thank you dear Lipa, for an enriching day… Love.

Parvati, 38, Mom and caregiver to parents, Gurgaon
August 6th 2018

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A QHHT session with Lipa
One session can take anywhere between 4-7 hours
It includes "Listening to you", "Taking through a Hypnotic Trance" and "Wrapping up"

Your session will be audio taped and sent to you on email.



Hi! I am a Certified Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  Also a part of the worldwide QHHT practitioners' forum that supports one another's session stories and healings. You can find me in the worldwide practitioners listing QHHT OFFICIAL. There only a handful of 4 to 5 practitioners in India using this very refined technique of hypnosis.


After years of experiment with different methods of hypnosis, I found Dolores Cannon's to be the most effective. With practice I find the strength in her method as she taught- keeping it simple, effective and very powerful.


Today I feel this great power working during my sessions too. I get the opportunity to contact my client's "Higher Self" or the "Sub-Conscious" and ask for healing and information on their behalf. It's amazing how it works.


I am a metaphysical/spiritual counselor too. I also help couples resolve their marriages or to move out in separate ways. Help them understand their karmic connections.


"Living Courageously" is the title of my book. You can read about it in the book section.

About the book



Living Courageously

Front Cover

Living Courageously

Back Cover

About Dolores

The legendary Dolores Cannon's (1931-2014) career as a hypnotherapist specializing past life regression spanned almost 50 years. She was also an investigator of lost knowledge and a teacher. She has written 17 books.   

 Over the years she developed and refined her unique method of hypnosis, which is called "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" or QHHT. Through this hypnotic technique she could take her clients into a very deep hypnotic trance (called Somnambulistic state), and could then access their Higher Self or the God within, which she calls SC or the "Sub-Conscious". It's not the subconscious mind, which is usually referred by the psychologists.

She also found that the SC could bring healing to the body and mind of her clients. She followed the SC guidance and started teaching her method to students all over the world. SC told her that it was ready to help whoever followed Dolores' technique and needed ANY healing and guidance.  

Hence there is a growing community/ forum of QHHT worldwide practitioners that supports one another: their clients' sessions, SC and the healing or information that comes through during the sessions. Including the help Dolores is providing her students while being in the other world- demonstrating the limitless spirit and love for humanity.


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