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"We are living in the most important time in the history of the universe."- Dolores Cannon


Just had an amazing session with Lipa Ma’am and I am feeling so much lighter already. It’s almost as if a weight has been lifted from my shoulders. I’m glad that I met Lipa Ma’am and trusted the whole process enough to experience this. Hope more people trust and receive the healing she can help you access.

Arfa, 24, pursuing CA, Gurgaon
June 14th 2018

I had a wonderful session with Lipa. I always had worries about my claustrophobia, which seemed to be almost incurable after a lot of medications. But today I was able to find a solution… I was able to find the reason behind it. It had been due to my past life experience which was shocking and unbelievable. Lipa pulled me out of that fear in a way that will not affect my present life… and I’m so much relieved now. Thank you so much, Lipa.

Leena R, 51, Housewife, Gurgaon
June 9th 2018

A wonderful session. Visiting other side of life was a unique experience. It seems all my pains, sufferings, worries and fears relating to this body and this life has disappeared.

B. Saha, 54, Govt. Official, Kolkat
June 7th 2018

The session was wonderful. It was like going into the past to see various lifetimes and instantly feel lighter and healed. It was totally worth it and I would love to come back again.

Abi, 19, pursuing graduation Hydera
June 5th 2018

Coming to the session I had some vague ideas of what the procedure is. Having read through the Word document (How to prepare for a qhht session) helped me prepare for it. I started writing my dreams and preparing questions to be asked before the session. Lipa was very kind, thoughtful and understanding of me as a person. I never felt that she was rushing into things. I felt relaxed and at ease talking to her and sharing my point of view. Using that as a hook she wonderfully guided me through various incidents that I saw and felt and recalled during the session. It is definitely something worth experiencing to know and understand yourself better. A lifelong journey that is given, a good start through the session. "

Adamya Grover, 26, PhD research sch
June 4th 2018

"It hass been amazing experience overall, firstly sharing my thoughts and then going into trance, and having a recollection with Lipa after the session. She is such an amazing listener, I was healed to a great deal even before the session & I was able to get into trance very quickly because I was relaxed. I have been going through a difficult phase with myself and my family and my health. But after the session I felt very relieved and healed & looking forward to even greater things. Thanks to the right guidance and good support from Lipa. Keep up this amazing work! Her sessions are gold and anyone going through self-discovery and inner struggles should approach her. She can definitely turn things around. All the best and thanks again! "

Neeraj Rawal, 33, Financial Analyst
May 24th 2018

"It was a wonderful experience. One of its kind, unbelievable and awesome. "

Amitav, 37, Fashion E-Commerce, Del
April 29th 2018

"It was a beautiful experience when one walks into a session, one has no idea how empowered, aware and peaceful one is going to feel at the end.Both my sessions have led to tremendous insights into my soul journey and the current body’s journey. The questions were answered and important lessons were learnt. I wish I could go through the experience way more often, but each experience is so deep, it takes a while to fully process and absorb what one has learnt, heard and understood.More power to you and your work, Lipa. "

Enigma (name changed), 40, a mom wh
April 28th 2018

"My 7-hour experience with Lipa was wonderful. She was caring, loving and interested in my life and experiences. She put me completely at ease and we formed a bond of trust. I felt 100% comfortable with her guidance and competence. Thank you for an amazing journey! Love, Gill." "

Gillian M, 60, Yoga teacher/Mountai
April 19th 2018

"I met Lipa when I was in the lowest life state of mine. Very negative, confused, anxious , and in a deep sadness. I Was searching for the reason of , facing continuous failed relationships on a same pattern . A feeling of never being loved and valued . A fear of dying alone a miserable death. I was totally clueless as what is the purpose of my life. Questioning myself about the reason of very complicated relationship with my mother since my childhood. I had been praying to God to show me the way. And the thought of going into past life, came into my mind. I felt this is the way to explore the reason of all my sufferings . I followed my intuition and began the search of a qualified and experienced hypnotherapist , who could help me knowing my past as well as the purpose of my life ( Which was actually the main concern). I was looking for a hypnotherapist with whom I can be comfortable. After searching for whole one month and talking to few hypnotherapists I found about Lipa. I went through her details like qualification, her specialization , people's feedback and testimonials about her. After checking all details I approached her on phone . And the first quality I found in her, that ,she is a great listener. This quality I was actually looking for , since I had so many things which were burdening me and I wanted to pour my heart out . I felt a sense of empathy in her, Which made me , book my appointment for the PLR session . I was afraid before the session . I was afraid of what I might discover. Before the session, Lipa listened to my life history in details , important incidents of my life, what I feel about them .She then prepared a list of my questions I would like answered. She made me feel that I am completely in safe hands. She had been very patient and gentle throughout the session . I was relaxed in her presence . She knew just what to say through my past life journey which could help me exploring the answers I was seeking. After the session I was feeling heavy mind .Not able to believe on what I saw. Most of the parts of my past lives were un- pleasant and scary . I was confused if I should believe on what I saw , or it was the story created by my own mind. She recorded the whole session and shared the recording with me. She asked me to listen the recording for next 2-3 weeks, especially the part , where she was talking to my higher self. After the PLR session with Lipa I listened the recording several times . As expected , I have been able to know my true self. I got to know , I am a fighter and actually strong . Lipa helped me to come out of the guilt which I had been holding since long )through her warm healing and counseling. I finally got to know the cause of tough relationship with my mother . And above all , a purpose of my life. Which is connected to my mother . The feeling of never being loved and valued is now vanished . I feel like Im born again . I am now growing spiritually. Exploring my inner self more and more each day. I have felt the eternal love , love of the God and his presence around me. I have gone through few miraculous experiences after that. Which are un explainable but I would like to share with her face to face. Thanks lipa ! for helping me in restoring my faith in God. Because of you Im again connected to my best friend, Lord Shiva.

April 18th 2018

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A QHHT session with Lipa
One session can take anywhere between 4-7 hours
It includes "Listening to you", "Taking through a Hypnotic Trance" and "Wrapping up"

Your session will be audio taped and sent to you on email.



Hi! I am a Certified Practitioner of Dolores Cannon's Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT).  Also a part of the worldwide QHHT practitioners' forum that supports one another's session stories and healings. You can find me in the worldwide practitioners listing QHHT OFFICIAL. There only a handful of 4 to 5 practitioners in India using this very refined technique of hypnosis.


After years of experiment with different methods of hypnosis, I found Dolores Cannon's to be the most effective. With practice I find the strength in her method as she taught- keeping it simple, effective and very powerful.


Today I feel this great power working during my sessions too. I get the opportunity to contact my client's "Higher Self" or the "Sub-Conscious" and ask for healing and information on their behalf. It's amazing how it works.


I am a metaphysical/spiritual counselor too. I also help couples resolve their marriages or to move in separate ways. Help them understand their karmic connections.


"Living Courageously" is the title of my book. You can read about it in the book section.

About the book



Living Courageously

Front Cover

Living Courageously

Back Cover

About Dolores

The legendary Dolores Cannon's (1931-2014) career as a hypnotherapist specializing past life regression spanned almost 50 years. She was also an investigator of lost knowledge and a teacher. She has written 17 books.   

 Over the years she developed and refined her unique method of hypnosis, which is called "Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique" or QHHT. Through this hypnotic technique she could take her clients into a very deep hypnotic trance (called Somnambulistic state), and could then access their Higher Self or the God within, which she calls SC or the "Sub-Conscious". It's not the subconscious mind, which is usually referred by the psychologists.

She also found that the SC could bring healing to the body and mind of her clients. She followed the SC guidance and started teaching her method to students all over the world. SC told her that it was ready to help whoever followed Dolores' technique and needed ANY healing and guidance.  

Hence there is a growing community/ forum of QHHT worldwide practitioners that supports one another: their clients' sessions, SC and the healing or information that comes through during the sessions. Including the help Dolores is providing her students while being in the other world- demonstrating the limitless spirit and love for humanity.


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